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RFactor provides expert assistance to major organizations in setting up an effective program of enterprise risk management. We assist in the deployment of software which assists in identifying risks of all types, measuring and prioritizing them, assigning responsibilities for management of each risk, and tracking the results. Such software is capable of being integrated with existing enterprise-level systems. We also provide specialized consulting in each major risk source area.

Enterprise Risk Technologies: The Difference between Risk and Return

RIMS Canada
Victoria, British Columbia
October 21, 2003

View Presentation

Parametric Insurance: How it Compares with CAT Bond Alternatives

Catastrophe Bonds & Insurance Linked Securities Summit: Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions; December 12-13, 2006
The Digital Sandbox
New York City

Other than the largest insurable risks, most potential “corporate” issuers of cat bonds find that the “minimum denominations” are too high to be economic. A new product, parametric insurance, solves this problem. Insurers offering parametric insurance can benefit from “reinsuring” or “hedging” their portfolio exposures in the CAT bond market. View Powerpoint Presentation.

Building a Robust Risk Management Culture
View the presentation by Rein Lemberg' address to Oil and Gas industry (Kuala Lumpur)

Sections 302, 404 and 906 of Sarbanes-Oxley require companies to design and maintain procedures and controls to identify in a timely manner all material information for action and disclosure, and provide fairly presented financial information and disclosure to the public in periodic and current reports. Learn more.

A Broader Vision of Risk
"The goal of the Enterprise Risk Management approach is to promote economic growth, better utilization of capital resources and competitive advantage." Learn more.

Replication Center for Critical Information Technology Infrastructure.
Rfactor assists its clients in meeting contemporary information technology security standards and operational protocols. Additionally, we can assist in deploying appropriate levels of "fail-over" and redundancy for critical systems. Take a virtual tour of where we host our own information management facilities.

The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission has released its exposure draft. Click HERE to download.

Basel II: The Driving Factor for Financial Institutions
The New Capital Accord (Basel II) provides a risk management framework is meant to enhance the stability of financial institutions and global financial markets. However, in exchange for the reduced capital reserves offered by Basel II, institutions must formalize their risk management practices to take into account the entire scope of transaction-level business activities.

How Risk Affects Value of the Firm

The value of the firm is:

  • the sum of anticipated future earnings
  • divided by the investors’ required rate of return (cost of capital),
  • which depends on the degree of risk associated with the future earnings stream.
  • Investors’ required rate of return is a squared function of Risk (expressed as financial volatility.
  • We call this the "R" Factor
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